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Darnesha  JWlIBEWkJrjb  4/2/2012

Fulford’s was pinching: his thoughts seem to be rather primal.“Also, when you say ‘the US is part of the G20…’, do you mean the bit with all of the voters, and debts, and health problems, and poverty… or do you mean the bit with the power, resources, international business connections, zero electoral responsibility, press etc.Or do you still concieve of them as being the same thing?”NO, actually I meant the bit about our governmental structure being dominated by the G20 governing board members: our Timmy Geithner is the sitting head for the US on that IMF board. The meeting of the governors of the IMF board is what is meant by the G20. Decisions are made by the G20 for those that stand to profit through ties or ownership to the IMF/BIS currency conglomerate monopoly. I meant that all financial regulatory reforms are flowing from Basel Committee through the newly empowered Financial Stability Board at the BIS which superceeds ‘sovereign’ heads of state. I meant that the armies of the G7 Western industrial powers are operating under NATO jurisdiction, with the war in Afghanistan being a joint-venture under the auspices of the UN Security Council (why do you think Obama is now their sitting head?) To ignore the structure of the financial international world order and to glean information from a myopic pick of personal preference for spook seems to be Fulford’s bias. viagra propecia

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Tevariatua  tjPirVCXZUeAgECE  3/6/2012

Well, it''s anyone''s guess as to if and how a titrsnaion would occur. The simplest solution for the FED is to continue to devalue the dollar at a pace just under the threshold of too much rebellion. If more and more countries begin exchanging in currencies other than the dollar, at some point the dollar will no longer be the world''s reserve currency so-to-speak. The IMF itself will do whatever it can to survive and continue to control the world''s money, however countries like China, Russia, and others will continue to attempt to establish their own dominance over the IMF. In theory, the dollar could entirely collapse (a worst case scenario), and be replaced by some other currency, perhaps backed by Gold or a world currency made up of a combination of things. The more likely scenario is a continued decline in the purchasing power of the dollar. How much decline is anyone''s guess