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Youngy  ZZIVdoZGSKoRhBs  8/7/2012

Does anyone know if SSRI medication actually helps premature ejaculation?No jokes please, all serios answers. I was reading that SSRI medication that is related to anti-depresents greatly delays males from reaching climax. And since this is the only medication that ive heard that will help PE i just wanted to know if anyone else knows if it works. Thanks. automobile insurance quotes auto insurance

Keydrick  GpmlxpCzGEvHjyb  8/4/2012

What’s a good medication for premature ejaculation?Here lately I have been prematurely ejaculating during sex. I have been getting way too excited and when I want to try to go a 2nd time I just can’t seem to erect myself. Any good medications other than viagra good for this? With no long term dedication? car insurance quotes auto insurance quote

Kenelm  YoDfgpWqTsiPJAPtwN  7/31/2012

The only way is continuous contraction of PC muscle! It is hard for a man to stop at point of letting go but you must. Contract it hard whenever you feel your cumming! Dont take drugs, herbs, and viagra! Cant you see? We have that sex power in ourselves. All we need is a stop switch, and belive me it works!!! contraction is the action, dont let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! new jersey car insurance cheapest car insurance

Makaela  gxbLDEsO  7/30/2012

I''m on the lookout for someone that I can go out with close to my ag live sex hot e. We could go shopping, out to take, out to see a flick, walkingjogging at the park, possibly chill at the house viewing tv. Must be friendly, I have got a little girl. It would be a bonus if you had a young munchkin too so as to entertain each other. Just searching for a friend now, might progress to something more someday if there is the right connection. If your interested please put "I''m Real" while in the subject line and send a graphic. You send one to me and I''ll send want you to you. 49534 car insurance quotes car insurance quotes

Lyndall  koGZXmKzb  7/27/2012

I’d assume so.I’m a female, but the side effects are going to be similar in either gender. When I was on zoloft, it took a significantly longer time for me to have an orgasm- which actually ended up being the reason I decided not to take it any longer. It can be prescribed to men for premature ejaculation, and judging from the effect that it had on me, I don’t doubt that it doesn’t help. For me it was frustrating, for someone with PE- I can understand how it could be a great deal of help.This side effect is very common, but I’m not sure if everyone who takes an SSRI has it. Keep that in mind. home refinance rates cialis

Tessie  VevDNAyBmJOrEN  7/26/2012

Do both, pay some of the the credit card and keep some of the cash. I agree with Pusykat1, lower your debt by paying off a big portion of the debt, but still keep some money in your savings account as an emergency fund. Say you pay off your debt and heaven forbid, an emergency were to pop up…how would you pay the bill? You’d have to charge it because you used up your savings, right? By having an emergency fund, you’d be able to pay for all or some of the emergency bill in cash, rather than charging the whole amount and therefore increasing your debt. classic car insurance mortgage refinance rates

Tangela  fupifPwjRUFeWNPb  7/25/2012

How can you keep a debate? I just ought to find someone to discuss with. Who can continue to keep a conversation going and stay just as entertaining when i ca relationship advice for women n be. have a relatively sense if funny. Be educated. You shouldn''t text l! kx tx! buck. Have a job or know that I do and I won''t reply as swift while working. Inbox me naughty wives your list and number, we can exchange pictures should you afterwards. I dont care what we should look like. I''m not really model. I don''t calculate by what''s for the. Although easy looking at would be wonderful lol. widow dating Relationship advice for men Fruitvale CDP looking for sex israel prednisone cheap cialis

Starly  dPqueJnykys  7/21/2012

yes I agree that pills, special condom, spray and any other methods wont cure the premature ejaculation. they just marketing gimmick create by people that trying to rob your money. Using medication to cure your Premature Ejaculation also not the best solution for long term, it only an instant solution, but a day after, the problem will come back. And most importantly using medication will harm your health in the long term. I can understand that your girlfriend always complain about your sexual performance. My suggestion is that use proven guideline to cure your Premature Ejaculation naturally. I already tried this methods, my I was very amazed with the result. This E-book is written in plain language and easy to follow. flight cheap car insurance quotes

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