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Louisa  IwWIiueNenfBRYfGLNh  4/9/2012

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Jaclyn  JEkFLbtLaWty  4/3/2012

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Lexus  PyOkMUUXhvYmeoVSk  3/31/2012

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Jera  gspRWVHw  3/23/2012

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Rumor  TgAlIIDJTYXsdbW  3/22/2012

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Becky  kRggNdRNIQTrU  3/11/2012

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mcyoungboy  EQZLOfhaYX  1/26/2012

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dnqpcleb  ymiPNEZDJkhsgwpQ  12/29/2011

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India  bddvZnLHpJH  12/28/2011

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Randi  iBSaniHvlZXI  12/28/2011

Thanks for the isinght. It brings light into the dark!

Chyna  ubEoTiMdINgXwBAEJBM  12/28/2011

I actually found this more entretaiinng than James Joyce.

Eel  nNzzOKYHfpYQHMSet  12/28/2011

I thought I''d have to read a book for a disocvrey like this!

Tayten  tPsGjpFGIULV  12/28/2011

I feel so much happier now I uendsrtand all this. Thanks!

Janisa  sAmucfosDIXmiejpLKo  12/28/2011

I''ll try to put this to good use immeidaetly.